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I have no words
They burst forth
Like orgasm
And I am left
A shuddering mess
Empty and desperate
Wanting more
Of what came before
And this is why
I despise


Photograph: Orgasm by Mike 3008
Found on

Candy Heart

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My blue candy heart
Shown with the thawing snow, Quick,
Feast before love fades



Photo by me


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My body has abandoned me
It left
Nothing but a heavy hole inside
My chest

I lift my fists from pockets deep
To feel
Both sweaty clench and winter chill

To let these worlds inside and out
Almost presents as possible this


Hands Catherine Maroney
Painting by Catherine Maroney, found here:



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Watching my old cat waste away
I want desperately to hate him
While I wipe his piss and shit, again
But today the rage just is not there
I cannot help but ache
About the day I might be in his place
The acrid sting and unplanned mess
Does nothing to lessen
This lesson
If I should make it to his age
Skin, and bones, and howls from pain
My only comfort, food again
Lumps of unkempt, unwashed hair
Foggy eyes that search somewhere
For someone’s hands, that safer space
To hide the world and hide my face
When I am wandering
As he does
Dragging limbs but hanging on
I hope that I will have someone
To wipe, to feed, to comfort me
To offer me sanctuary
To watch me sleep, make sure I breathe
Watching my old cat waste away
beg belief in karmic way


Painting by Dana Payne Saunders


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Snowflakes shifting
Drifting in reverse
Suddenly forgetting
Their mission to fall
Changing their mind
Desiring a new direction
They decide to catch
The next breeze back
Upward tending
But the Winter Wind
Only plays with them
Swirling their climb
Around his finger, He
Cradles their attempts
Their wishes for ascension
For a moment in his palm
Before blowing them
Back down again
As was always


Photograph: Snowflakes by candymax found here:


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I make monsters
out of molehills
while I toss my hair
and try to skip
over and
around them
or I blithely think
to kick them down
but by then
they have already grabbed
my ankles
yanking hard
causing me to sink
and who can skip
or kick
or blithely do anything
while you’re up to your knees
in monster’s muck and lair
not me, apparently
so today
I simply
look down and lock eyes
monster a monster
and wonder if they know
just who
they have in tow


Demon pet Painting: A Girl and her Demon Pet, by Omar Rayyan


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A fog

Of should-have

And to-do

Rolling in

My body needed


But beware

Those rocky chores

Along the shore

Kept at bay

But waiting

Still piercing

With late

Morning’s clearing




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