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I thought I’d found a red balloon
‘Twas but a berry in the snow
From far away it freely floated
But closer up, a winter bud let go


imagePhoto taken by me.


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I cry from the sting
Of onions sliced or perhaps
My pride too pungent



Painting: Peeling Onions, by Lilly Martin Spencer


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Joni urged me straight out of town
All signs for staying swung upside down
A flag tugged madly in the wind to be free
Its seam caught quick on the branch of a tree
Geese huddled ’round on a field of dead corn
From the frozen ground pulling quite alive worms
Snowfall followed but I fled too fast
Its blanket unfurled while I unpacked
A warm fire popped and brunch dishes clanked
And Nietzsche’s declared what he feared, a saint




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I will rush away
To the river
Where slices of ice
Like razored islands
Slink slowly by.

I will rush away
To where the water
Sings and stings
And slings its shards
Against shore and stone.

I will rush away
To be churning alone
Towards tomorrow
Turning this frozen time
Into a melting spring.


Photograph of the frozen Delaware river, by Josh Friedman

Reposted due to a formatting glitch in wordpress. This is how it was supposed to look.


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Snowflakes shifting
Drifting in reverse
Suddenly forgetting
Their mission to fall
Changing their mind
Desiring a new direction
They decide to catch
The next breeze back
Upward tending
But the Winter Wind
Only plays with them
Swirling their climb
Around his finger, He
Cradles their attempts
Their wishes for ascension
For a moment in his palm
Before blowing them
Back down again
As was always


Hand Ioannis-Nikiforakis

Photograph by Ioannis Nikiforakis


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There it is
Tethered taught
That weighted pendulum
Pointing through me to the earth
My stillness has not stopped it swinging
Only allowed me to feel its tug on my guts
Helped me to hear the movement of molecules
Created while it circles and stirs my insides
Were I to cut it just to lighten my middle
My vital organs would surely scatter
Leaving me too light a floating husk
No, I walk heavy on the ground
I will sit still and feel the pull
Allow for notice living full
Emptiness can wait
It can visit when
I die


Painting:Plumb Bob and Haiku Islands
by Claire Beynon

Linked (as always)

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I desire a different scenario
But am terribly tethered to seasons
Flailing and flung by their come-and-go
I drift linked and lobbed without reason


DNA A painting of tethered DNA molecules,
by Dr. Jacob Kerssemakers


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