An explanation

So where did my title come from?  It came out of a conversation with my “Expressions of Meditation/Creative Writing” group.  We were chatting about things that you can and cannot say about your  daily life in polite company.  The PC rules of daily mundane conversation, if you will.  It struck me as funny, and I made a comment as such, that we are not allowed to admit that we dislike certain things without getting the hairy eyeball from most people…even though I am pretty sure that 99.9% of people have also thought the exact same thing.  One of them being that sometimes I hate my cats and secretly look forward to the day that I will not longer have to clean up after all of their bodily functions.  I care for them, feed them, pet them, and enjoy their company…but am quietly thrown into a vortex of hating everyone and everything in my life when I have to clean the litter box, or cat vomit, or the vindictive piles of “I am mad about something so I have left this for you right next to the place that I am supposed to leave it (and clearly know how to) so there.”  Most people are so busy commenting and posting about how cute their furry companions are, but never admit to the obvious flip side of the coin.  It is similar to when, while walking your loving dog, you feel a slight twinge of “I can’t believe I have to do this” before you responsibly pick up after their squatting.  Anyway, there it is in case you were wondering.

3 Responses to “An explanation”

  1. … Ginsberg’s ‘candour’

  2. Absolutely true, we are all composites of liking and disliking, and sometimes the balance swings to the other side. Am enjoying browsing through your blog, so much to see.

    • I am so glad you are enjoying it. Yes, I have written quite a bit since I started this project two years ago. Some are better than others…but all are an attempt at authenticity. Thanks for checking it out.

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