Thank You

Just a quick note to everyone who is visiting, reading, and commenting.  The engagement alone has been such a motivating factor for me.  I am writing much more diligently, regularly, because of this blog, which I had not been able to do as a more solitary writer. Thanks for that gift.  I have made a regular appointment to put thoughts, experiences, words on “paper.”  Both posted, and not posted.  Thanks for compelling me to continue writing, for better or worse. The act of sitting and writing itself, much like meditation for me, has piqued my awareness and attention to what is going on around me.  So far, this has been a fruitful experiment.  We will see going forward, but thanks for participating. My appreciation is palpable to me, and my work ethic has increased because of it.  Thank You.

One Response to “Thank You”

  1. Thank YOU April. Rich words herein. Important and vital.

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