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I am tired, Smile
Of learned men
With dangling Truths
Instructing me
To ignore my own
That my Dear mind
These ears and eyes
Which plainly see
Are not quite
Sane or trustworthy
That all my past
Experience, Hun
My history
Was never real
Especially when
It contradicts
Their narrative
Divinely crafted comforting
Lowered, Sweet
Will equal peace
To spite the cruel
And gathering
That joy
Lies waiting
In their hands
If only I would
Princess, please
Just blind believe
The thinking they
Provide for me



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The leaves are falling early here
But only in my yard
It looks like autumn with each breeze
And the easy days turn hard

The squirrels and I we hunker down
Like days that lose their length
A freeze it gathers, heavy now
Before we’ve saved three seasons’ strength


Painting by Helene W on


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I found an ace of spades
And fixed it firmly on a spike
It functioned well
Bejeweled my hell
But left its pointed scar behind


Painting: Ace of Spades, by Jimi Gleason

Carnival Barker

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They made memories
During our marriage
About which now
They reminisce
A smile too wide
The tale was rigged
The very definition
Of carnival-dissonance
Frayed ticket taking
My history has become
A hall of funhouse mirrors
Shifting floors
And nowhere stairs
With their reflection


Image: abandoned vintage funhouse ride, photographer unknown

unstable haiku

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this day begins un
stable begging for a rest
less undertaking


painting: I’m unstable therefore I’m existing, by SoJung Kim

un temps

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A pale heavy
Wraps around me
Like age
Or a stale summer
Only the quick stab
Of a biting
And the tickle
Of a tear
Dropped soft
And traveling


Painting: No. 869, by Louise Robert

To React…?

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Some moments are mosquitoes
When such stillness marries blood loss
Or worse yet deadly disease
Quick nuisance carries consequence
Pinprick itch or pathogen
What is our cost for silent peace


Painting: Mosquito, by RenisGallery on Etsy

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