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I went chasing chase red paper rabbits
But I found myself digging through trash
And while the curved pines beckoned “here love”
I was numb in some swirling morass
Piano keys played with my wiring
But my power plug sparked, flamed, and blew
Then a robin he looked, crooked, and listened
And my nature found nothing to lose
So I set back out hunting for cutouts
Life taped strange to black window panes
And the rabbits, and pines, and spring robins
Gave me Looking-Glass bravery again



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Slow and playful
Somehow painful
Melancholic keys
To my surprise
Weave round and reach
Reverberating such in me
Revives this heart
So suddenly
Before I barely realize
I’m shocked and breathe
My eyes fly wide
My gasp fills deep
And holds a trembling
Dance inside
As salt runs rivers
Warm unbound
Down weary reborn
Upturned cheeks
And all at once
Human again
I am alive

– me

Painting: Surprise by Toby Kennedy


•March 4, 2020 • 1 Comment

I lost
The placement
Of my hands today
And neither
Foot felt
Left or right
I let my
Limbs play in
To see
What happens
Past my sight
I peeked
A world all
Most forgotten
Warm and misty
Buoyant brain
Oh how
I miss this
Mad not knowing
If I will
Make it
Home again


Painting by Gaylord Sali


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On the roof
Like thick
Is this weather
As bored
By waiting
For its full
To empty
As I am
With waiting
For me?


Image: Waiting (for the rain to stop falling)
by Marcia Zottino


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In the haze
Before sleep
I softened some
And let myself
Not in any one thing
But just at last
As me finally
Again to feel
And then that night
I dreamt that you
Came back so sweet
Once more to me
I woke up warm
In early love
And dark morning
Confusion then
A wrenching heave
A single tear
And I remembered
Why my head
And heart and skin
Instead have chosen
Layers thick
Of anhedonic steel
And agnostic


Photograph: One Single Tear, by Sarah Moore


•January 30, 2020 • Comments Off on Anima

As crow calls forth
And cat leans in
Deep instinct stirs
To feed again
When crow calls back
And cat remains
We share the pull
To open veins


Painting: Sita and Sarita, by Cecil Beaux


•January 19, 2020 • Comments Off on Lost

Sitting still
Right here
Will guide me
But I’m afraid
The fate I’d meet
It’s not the feelings
Locked in ice
That drives
But the empty
Void beneath


photograph of Abraham Lake, by Gavin Hardcastle, found here:

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