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A golden finch-hen on a glass doorknob
A mockingbird blocking her nest
The spring chimes are ringing
Each time she takes flight
Winter postures while puffing his chest

A sharp beak will glint in the sun just like glass
All mamas’ scared eyes look the same
We shoulder this season
To spite winter’s bite
Crying out for creation if even in vain


Painting: The Goldfinch, Carel Fabritius

Your Service

•March 8, 2019 • 1 Comment

There was a silence
Wrapped around my heart
Like the flag that cradled his coffin
So I left a letter folded neatly next to him
With words I should have said out loud
But simply could not utter then
I penned, and sent along with him

Thank you Granddad
For giving up your smoking pipe
On that warm day so long ago
Because a little girl was worried
And she asked you to
And loved you so

A sacred moment of respect
Folded neatly now
Inside my chest


Pressing Petition

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Our Father
Must I crush my own skull
To mute the incessant hum
Of projected passing happy time
My palms fit perfect at each temple
They shall meet in silent prayer
I will be done
Hairline cracks like trespasses
Form fragile lurching lattice work
Fault lines grind and blur
My under-mush begins to move
Memories and petitions two
All seeing amoebic globes
Grow pseudo-feet from gelatin
They shift their shape and flee
From hallowed sockets
Caves and kingdoms closing in
Popping out they burst free
Onto the safe and stable shoreline
Of my dislocated gaping lower jaw
All the stories seep from cracks
And forgiveness hangs askew
My smooth numb future finally splits
The daily dull of pleasant bread
Gives way to heavenly pain
Finally through the glorious ooze
My fingertips reach and find each other
I am delivered
In this crackling moment of
Only now
Forever and ever


Artwork: Album cover, No Cross No Crown, by Corrosion of Conformity


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And so I wait
Nearly numb
For vital bits
To realign
Inside my ribs
I used to know
Because I read in books
This trap of bones
Designed itself
To do the work
Of keeping all
Soft parts of me
Protected while profusing
But lately I’ve gone
Blind and dumb
As this mettled meat
That used to beat
So wild
Has steeled itself
Because we both forgot
I have these bones
To do that job
My body is its own
Iron maiden
Ready made
And built to keep me
Pained but safe
And so we wait
My bits and I
To settle in
And bleed again


Photography: iron maiden-head detail by markis024 at deviantart.com

Split Second

•January 28, 2019 • 1 Comment

I was there
when the clocks
stopped ticking
with the soles
of my feet
and stuck
to the cold
tile floor
my lips parched
and parted
in that silent
inward gasp
before a scream
my eyes
frozen wide
red and dry
my memories
dreams dripping
from my ears
this current
embodiment done
only minuscule
still twitching
I was there
when all the clocks
just stopped
in that splitting
of seconds
aware of demise
a final unwinding
of mine
with the ending
of time


Painting: Aghast by Troy Stith


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I am back at square one flat
And he is a round marble
Smartly moving forward
Around corners carefully along
Yet I cannot write without
A hot knot in my gut spilling
While he is sending emails
Detached like glass, CC’d to me
Of course
A day like this always arrives
After too many easy ones erased
I will turn a page and rise again
But then
I naturally have sharp angles so
Points to make and my story to tell
Can’t I be a marble too


Artwork by Glennray Tutor

No Thank You

•January 23, 2019 • 1 Comment

These lonely hours
Are not lost
The silent sobs
And tragic laughter
Lead me back
To listening to myself

This is not a “thank you.”


Image: Only the Lonely, by leAlmighty on deviantart.com

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