I Did Not Ask You

•September 23, 2020 • Leave a Comment

Without question
I do not need
You anymore
To offer who
You think
I am
And your
Doing so is
Always and only
An act of arrogance
And vapid violence


Artwork: Pen or Trigger: Shut the Fuck Up Series III
by Irina Vladi

Back to Me

•September 9, 2020 • Leave a Comment

Without realizing
I had set a wild thing free
Knowing only after
I saw her strolling slowly
Full of pride and purpose
Proudly back to me


Painting: “The Queen of Ebony Isles” by Edmund Dulac


•August 27, 2020 • Leave a Comment

The warm wind feels
Of Devil’s breath
On napes of necks
While insects scream
Before such death
Your secrets


Painting by Oliver Sin


•July 27, 2020 • Leave a Comment

Last night lamp posts
Yawned at me
Or were they screaming
Did they see
Me sticking holly leaves
Into each finger
Tip so thick and mean
And perfect
In all seasons for mimicking
My childhood
And your leaving


Photograph: Skeleton Holly Leaf, by Helks on DeviantArt.com

With One Another

•July 25, 2020 • 3 Comments

I am reconnecting
This world
To my own heartbeat
It is excruciating
Fresh air
Crackling an opened wound
There is no other way
But to feel
These nerves cry out
In agony and antisepsis
I choose tears
To lead my love and healing


Painting: The Root of Empathy, by David Knoecklein

Concrete Cracks

•July 25, 2020 • 1 Comment

All I want
To do
These days
Is walk
And notice
Gnarly trees
With new-flesh
And sun bleached
With only one
Clearly seen:
And notice
Septa trains
Speed-clicking by
And watch
My mind
Each car
In flying flames
Like war
of worlds
And notice
I can
Balance quick
And map
My way
On concrete cracks
And Breathe
Floral buds
Of coming rain
And notice
I cannot help
But high five
And dance
The lightening
And notice
That I
My dreams
And darker things
With crows
On wing
And mad spring
All I want
To do
These days
Is walk
And map
And balance
As concrete cracks


Picture taken by me


•June 30, 2020 • Leave a Comment

Today my brain wears her sharp edges
And the soft breeze rubs my thick skin raw
The fly and the pill bug seem friendly
And the ivy beside me does crawl

I thought my soul buzzed with dysfunction
After too long of nothing at all
When hydrangeas in hand explained gently
I was simply receiving a call


Artwork: Miss Pink Hydrangea, by Cazamic.com

Too Much

•June 11, 2020 • Leave a Comment

I live
And love
In a world
Of some
Wild making
Where breezes
Bring my baptism
Where nature sings
From sobbing hymnals
Where scents do sting
With nostalgia unrelenting
Where colors flood and
Drown me completely
And where connection fills
And cracks and cuts me so
Fast to my quick
Leaving me
Curled up
And bleeding
To once again be
I live
And love
In a world
Where I feel
Too much
Or not
At all



•June 10, 2020 • Leave a Comment

Her bones
Bear the same
And weight
Of our dining
Room chairs
Does she
The corner
From which
You fated
Her to stare
I sit
And eat
Our memory


Photo from the catacombs of Paris

Before Dawn

•May 27, 2020 • Leave a Comment

That morning
As we packed
For you to leave
The fog fell so heavy
That each end of my street
Looked like the edge of the world
And early birdsong echoed so, beautiful
But sad, all around as if they knew
That the end of my street
Was indeed the edge
Of this world


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