Two Sides

•May 8, 2020 • Leave a Comment

My body
A simpler
To spite
My heart
She sighs
A softer
Not quite
Steely station


Photpgraphy/Painting by Alexa Meade


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I never knew
Mourning doves
Have soft blue eyes
Until I noticed her
Cooing up close
I guess being still
Can allow
For surprise
And connection
When it’s needed most


Painting: Mourning Dove No. 5, by Allison Trentelman


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Walking and writing
In circles they say love is
Frontal lobe damage


Photograph: Straight Jacket, by Dusty5150 on

One Stone

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Two mama birds
One besting the other
By the eye
Squawking and spinning
And I
Am equal parts
And horrified
My heart is winning
This fight
And quite plucking out
My orbital


Letting Go

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Pink blossoms swirl
On a violent wind
Like little bold
Flocks of swallows
Ripped too fast
From their limbs
They must have
Fond memories
Of their lives
Linked to trees
But seem choosing
To dance
Their last day
On this breeze


Grey Matters

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I hear noises
In this empty house
Both crying pipes
And sighing wood
While shadows
Hang and slink about
Grey exorcise
I wish I could


Painting: Grey Matter, by Suse Neilebock


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I am reminded of ghosts
I used to let haunt me
When I faced gray walls
And turned my back on
Doors barely open
I trusted my safety
While letting them play
Those spirits that seeped
In through cracks on the breeze
Because even sad omens
That prey and posses me
Bring forth my felt sense
Of love’s vulnerability
Which brings jouissance
While it raw-resurrects me
Oh how I’ve missed them


Photo found here:
Strolling with the Spirits: Okunoin Cemetery

Wild Love

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You once had me
While questioning my crazy
With your two-dimensioned sanity
You used me
As your muse until
Your narrow-lensed machinery
Could not capture
Or quite wrap your
Self around
My whirling full
Is not
My weakness now
In fact
It never was
But instead yours
Your fear and lack
Of bravery’s breadth
I am sorry
For the too sane death
Of who
You used to be
And how
When you saw me
Dancing through dimensions
Creating worlds
And twirling with insanity
You tamed yourself
Too spite your claim
But I refuse
Because she’s mine
Not yours to frame
My love insane
My own wild she



•April 19, 2020 • Comments Off on Untenable

There is a zipper
Down the center of me
I feel its teeth
Tug at my skin
But if I pull
From skull
To fragile
You see
I’ll have
To let


Painting by Edvard Munch


•April 7, 2020 • Leave a Comment

I went chasing chase red paper rabbits
But I found myself digging through trash
And while the curved pines beckoned “here love”
I was numb in some swirling morass
Piano keys played with my wiring
But my power plug sparked, flamed, and blew
Then a robin he looked, crooked, and listened
And my nature found nothing to lose
So I set back out hunting for cutouts
Life taped strange to black window panes
And the rabbits, and pines, and spring robins
Gave me Looking-Glass bravery again


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