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I am joyful
In my discontent
Back to being


Painting: Militant Kate Moss II
By Anna-Louise Simpson


On the last night in January

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On this dark night
As I strode back roads
She rose up strong to meet me
All haloed and smirking
Full-faced and reflecting
A distant body’s light
Her round mirror a reminder
She always remains
Whole and beautiful and cratered
Even when separated
From her dear sun or sliced
To sliver by his shadow



I Cannot, Yet

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I cannot carry
The weight of this world while I
Also shoulder grief


Sculpture by Celeste Roberge

The Show

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What is it that keeps me pinned
While holding back the rain and wind
Ropes tethering my tent to earth
Pull straight this tugging tarpaulin

What is it that keeps me tame
Performing every show the same
Dressed and dazzling under lights
My wild then shoved back in its cage

What is it that keeps me trapped
My face made up, my body wrapped
Twisting tumbling towards the ground
Feigning faith that ropes don’t snap

What is it that keeps me on
Directing rings, attention drawn
Announcing all the names and games
But pulling stakes before the dawn

What is it that brings us back
And keeps us traveling down the tracks
From this tiny town to next
The world we build during our act


Painting: The Circus by George Seurat

A repost after seeing “The Greatest Showman,” and after the joy I felt while watching it.


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On the train I feel
Like I am nobody yet
Could be anyone


Painting: Train Girl by Thomas Saliot


(This was written during my travels this weekend, before the tragic derailment this morning. My heart and thoughts are with those who lost loved ones, and with those who are injured.)


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Grief reached out
And grabbed my throat
It crushed the spot
That housed my voice
Like a cardboard box
In a giant’s fist

Pain reached out
And yanked my feet
It buckled my knees
And felled me fast
My legs like a fawn’s
In a sawtooth trap

Loss reached out
And stole my soul
It sucked me clean
Took all old fight
Left bare my bones
A sterile me

Release seeped in
And shored my spine
It meated my middle
Infused ash skin
So from this corpse
A beast shall rise


Image A Cold Resurrection by iNeedChemicalX on deviantart.com

The Moment

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The atmosphere falls
Suddenly still around me
Soft cotton silence


Painting by Joan Fullerton

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