Hit or Miss

My carcass has been flung

At the mark

I meet the bullseye

With such force

We both continue rocking

Back and forth

For a few breaths

Or a moment

While I hang against

The concentric circles

I feel a slow sliding

Has begun

The friction between us

Tugs at my flesh

The dew that lingers

Coats us both

And speeds my travel

Towards the earth

As I remain inching

During my descent

My free ear alerts me

Another’s bow is lowly echoing

The corner of my eye compels me

An arrow slices the shadowy air

In moments it may marry my insides to the mark.

— April Resnick                                                                                                                 

~ by April on May 14, 2012.

3 Responses to “Hit or Miss”

  1. I enjoyed this very much

    (PS should it be ‘descent?)

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