This week I attempted to embrace failure

Some moments she showed up as a whisper in my ear

Her lips so close to my brain that her words caused a humming in my skull


Sometimes she grew into an animal in my gut

Who hotly clawed her way up through my chest and into my throat

Her growlings leaving no choice but for me to spit them out


Sometimes she seemed as if maybe she would not show up at all

Perhaps she was quieted, left sleeping in a corner of my heart

Until even her dreaming produced indecipherable prodding just the same


So I hummed

And I spit

And I was prodded


She rarely left me alone in all my waking world

But I looked at her and did not look away

We held each other’s gaze, and because of it we softened


Her voice, her nature, her fancies

Even when reflected back to me by others

Seemed my own…and I was contently sovereign for it


–April Resnick










Two Women by Eunice Pinney








~ by April on May 16, 2012.

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