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So many things about my previous “welcome” have been bothering me.  How grandiose and arrogant it sounded.  Rather than present this as an invitation that assumes what YOU might be interested in.  I think perhaps it is better to state what it is that I am interested in.  I am interested in my own human experience. I am tired of normal niceties at the expense of my own honesty. I want a place where I can be real and honest about my daily vacillations. I want a place to explore what it means for me to be human, and struggling, and changing.  I also want a place that I can be free to write and think and basically just be myself…and not have to really give a shit about judgment.  I am creating a place for myself to experiment and explore, with the hopes of letting go of expectations.  All of this hopefully to serve really learning to enjoy being human with its joys and its messes.  I am tired of being told to embrace the joy and ignore the messes.  I want to really learn to live with all of it, really live!  I would love it if compassion could naturally arise out of these things, but I don’t want to give up my passion at the same time.  Living, changing, struggling, passion, compassion…That is what I am interested in.  If you are interested…then “welcome.”

(Previous B.S. –Where honest observations and a common human experience are the rule rather than the exception.  Are you tired of normal niceties?  Are you even slightly interested in radical honesty?  Do you wish there was a place to be real, a place where you can see your own daily struggles without judgment, a place where humanity trumps trying to make everyone comfortable, and because of that we all feel a little more connected and a little more compassion?  A tall order indeed, but well worth a try.)   

Continue to Enter at your own risk…

~ by April on May 17, 2012.

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