The Peanut in my Brain

Rattles in its shell a lone marble in a Ball jar

Even in stillness it continues its circular track

Crisp whirring that winds itself down

It might come to rest if my skull is long enough still

But the laws of physics argue against that equilibrium

Each languishing toss of my head searching for comfort

Sets that peanut in motion through the labyrinth of my tissue

Oh that it would grow roots and be still

I would pull it from my soft wormy earth

And grind it down to smear on my morning toast…and be done with it.

–April Resnick

~ by April on May 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Peanut in my Brain”

  1. The peanut actually starts as a flower that burrows underground after succumbing to its own weight… But they are oh so good for the heart 😉 XO

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