Which one? Hmmm……



A cube of stainless steel and plastic

Enough wiring to spin and give notice

Made only to be filled and emptied


Filled with heat and stink that rises

Needed insides are useless now

Still caked with what was discarded


Our fault

We didn’t pay attention

Or perhaps we forced it anyway

Overloaded too

My morning cereal has been poured

The milk as well

Uh oh!

The silverware drawer has no spoons

Quickly check the washer

My breakfast is getting soggy

I can hear it crackling

Pull open the door


It looks clean but still stinks

I can’t tell which are spoons or forks

Found a spoon


What is that still caked on it

Gummy and sticky and on my fingers

Stuffed full was a bad idea

Grab another and shut it



I carry my soggy cereal and my clean spoon out of the kitchen.

~ by April on May 18, 2012.

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