Meditation Tango

I take a deep breath, connect, and sink into it.  Shoulders down.  Hold my frame just enough to be stable, but not so much that I am pulling one way or the other. Look down, eyes at a 45 degree angle, but feel the connection.  Keep my core strong, my back straight, and find my center of balance.  Begin the dance.  Stay with each moment.  Open up and let go.  Try not to close in on myself.  Breathe.  Trust my teacher.  Trust that I have absorbed some of each lesson.  Trust in my own style.  Know that there is a balance point between strict adherence to practice and letting my own variation show itself.  Feel the change of tempo, sometimes fast and aggressive, sometimes slow and intimate.  There are moments of linear balance and moments of twists and turns.  Do not hold my breath.  Thinking happens, but don’t get caught up in it.  Keep my senses open.  Use my ears and eyes…but not too much, just enough to be aware.  Always go back to the breath.  Be in THIS moment.  When it is done, let it go.  No matter how it went.  Remind myself that I do it just to do it.  It is in the very act of being in my own skin that I will find the purpose.  Let go of expectations.  And then go about the rest of my life. 

~ by April on May 20, 2012.

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