Funhouse Admission

Do you fight to be part of a club

Whose members scowl when they let you inside?

Do you stick out your chin and contribute

While ignored or quite pushed to the side?


Do you fight for adding a perspective

When packaging is all that is seen?

Can you hang just long enough to be heard

When epithets are much louder than words?


When words like feelings are altered

Bastardized for the sake of the cause,

They are meant to reveal that you’re less than

And to drown out all sounds but applause.


What is defeat, if there is such a thing?

Winning seems much less real than the blows.

Is it found when you keep yourself inside the brawl

Or when you stand up and say that is all?


Is inclusion for only those beings

Who share exact vocabulary and skill?

Or perhaps for us all who regardless of books

Can draw upon our experience at will.

~ by April on May 23, 2012.

5 Responses to “Funhouse Admission”

  1. Wrote this years ago, which has something about the club mentality in it. You might find something in it, but it’s probably just a bit of a wank.

  2. That was great! I loved reading it. I didn’t see a place to “like” it but I will take another look. Your point is similar to something that happens in Meditation/Buddhist circles regarding lifestyle. Can you be a part of the club, if you don’t drastically alter what your lifestyle “appears” to be. I meditate, I also drink wine and eat meat. I have thougth about altering these things, but then it feels like I am only interested in admission to a club instead of interested in the realy work of meditation. Some may argue, and rightfully so, that changing externals IS the real work…but I am not so sure. Smoke on, rock on, at least you seem to be interested in awareness. For me that is what counts in my own life. Or perhaps that is hedging? Why do I always end up with more questions instead of answers? (Damnit! That was another question.) 😉

  3. Satre says there are 3 kinds of consciousness: awareness, reflection and being for others. I’ve become more of a determinist, and am beginning to think that the scale of influences is just too great to calculate, that on a micro scale, we might be able to see the intricate conditions which determine our responses; meaning that we were always going to say and do what we did say and did do. I’m not sure about this, but I like the idea, it’s doesn’t mean that any discussion or thought can’t be part of the conditions. I have to go. Been nice transformacting.

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