Can I let myself feel boredom?


Folding laundry alone in a basement

Stopping at the bottom of the stairs

Basket stuffed full

I turn off the lights

Stop, deliberately breathe in boredom

I feel the weight of the hamper

As it rests angled on the step in front of me

The pressure of its leaning steady on my right hip

The room is dark, but light from the kitchen upstairs cascades toward me

My hands rest on each side of the round pink canvas hamper

Continue the slow breathing in

The air smells just slightly of cool conditioned air

My eyelids shut

I feel my body, smell the air, hear very nearly silence in the house

Suddenly the task of carrying the load upstairs seems different

Something has shifted

Not something that has to be done

But something I am doing

I grin slightly, open my eyes, and lift

I can feel boredom tonight and it is just fine

~ by April on May 25, 2012.

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