Pool of Humanity

Sharply slicing through layers of protection,

Crisply pungent the release,

Non-agency fills my eyes and flows down my cheeks towards the culprit.


My immune system mounts a defense,

The slug of sickness fills my left nostril,

Non-agency creeps slowly toward plain view and compels action in spite of myself.


From clenched to loosely hanging,

Glands relax their damming,

Non-agency fills the cavern of my mouth and echoes like hidden rapids as I swallow.


The witching hour arrives,

Hormones turn my insides from embers to blaze,

Non-agency spills from my body, forcing my waking and peeling of this saturated shell for a drier layer.


Pain slams into my jaw,

There is no comfort to be found within my skin,

Non-agency wells up in the corners of my eyes and threatens revealing amid professional Stoics.

~ by April on May 29, 2012.

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