Dissolution & Disillusion

Have you ever lost someone?

Not to disease, or distance, or death

But to an idea

Where once there was a connection

Of shared pain and life fumbled

Where once the reality of solitary existence

Was willingly disguised for the giddy illusion

“We are not alone”

One mythology now replaced by another

This one a God with whom I cannot compete

A deity who never instilled faith in me

The way our bay window observations once did

There is no constant

This is the illusion that I must release

No God, no friend, no moment lasts forever

Yet still I am here without having been destroyed

Or struck by lightning


With only a tiny tick of desire burrowing from heart to brain

Looking for a comforting mythology to feed on

With none to be found

Either within myself or without

I am at a loss

~ by April on June 6, 2012.

3 Responses to “Dissolution & Disillusion”

  1. i think i get what you are talking about, especially losing someone to an idea. the worst thing is that they linger on and there’s nothing you can really do…

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