“Heart” to Heart

What do most people mean when they reference the human heart?  Usually it is an abstract notion of spirit, or soul, or emotional connection.  But what if we bring the human heart back down to its physical level.  The level of the real.  What if when we talk about the heart, we talk about it as a muscle, as cells, as nerves, and perhaps even the part of the brain that controls its beating.  Without acknowledging the multitude of different physical parts of the heart, we have lost the reality of the actual organ that keeps us alive.

Emotions, self, identity, human connection…these things come from the brain.  So why do we call them “heart?”  Let’s acknowledge where these things originate from.  Speaking of these ideas in terms of their actual physical function and origin does not diminish the value of said functions.  Neither the heart nor the brain, in my mind, are diminished if we talk about what they ACTUALLY do, and control.  Muscle, meat, a human organ.  Why do we constantly feel the need to separate our humanity from our brain, or other organs?  Why must we make “heart” some sort of ghost that operates in the middle of our chest, in place of a  very real organ is doing very real and important work.  Work that is absolutely “connected” to our very real brain.

Let us have the conversation from the standpoint of human, physical reality, and perhaps by doing that we can give this human body the same value that we give our ever illusive soul.  What would it look like if we did that?  Not vanity, but VALUE.


~ by April on June 10, 2012.

One Response to ““Heart” to Heart”

  1. That’s really cool. Especially if you consider that it used to be the liver that controlled love back in the day. I wrote a poem with a similar idea a while ago. Here’s a link to it if you wanna check it out.


    It’s really cool when people far from each other have similar thoughts at totally different times.

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