(Un)Birthday Dinner

Curtains of a bygone era

Polyester popular

Cream colored and heavy

Yellowed with age and sprinkled with dust

Draped and frame a large window

Rectangular prisms of shiny black oil

Reflecting only tiny pinpricks of candle-light

Window or wall…Do you feel it looming?

China like cleverly painted bones

Barely perceptible against the waves of white table cloth

Carefully woven and pressed

Appearing newer only because of care

Coffee cooling itself

Coating the bottoms of teacups

Shallow and cold

No longer inviting

A lone candle standing tall affixed with cartoon images of thanks

 In its crystal cradle

Flame captured in between dances

Casting prejudiced light on resting spoons, elbows, hands, salt and pepper shaker

Glass of tea

Cries condensation of neglect

Tiny disappearing icebergs gather along the surface

Diluting its purpose

~ by April on June 11, 2012.

2 Responses to “(Un)Birthday Dinner”

  1. Nice.

  2. Thanks a bunch for reading.

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