All of It

The sour stench of a dead skunk

Rotting in the road

An invisible cloud

That hovers, seeps, and smacks.


The warm and pressured wholeness

When my child cuddles

In early morning light

Tiny feet she intertwines with mine.


Things that linger carry lessons

Both pushed away and longed for

Can I be still and learn to linger

And breathe it all in deeply?

~ by April on July 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “All of It”

  1. Hello my dear. How come we don’t see you at the non-Buddhism site any more? I sort of miss your comments.

    • Hey, thanks for checking in. Sorry I have been MIA, I was at a Zen Retreat and just got back today. I meant to post something on my blog about me leaving, but just didn;t get around to it before I left. It is nice to know that at least one person missed my comments. But I am back now and ready to rumble. 🙂

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