Of planning

Of list making

Of packing

And re-packing

Of travel

Of wine

Of family

And new friends

And laughing together

Of being a visitor

Of walking

And resting to eat

Of Band-Aids

Of ointment

Of hot showers

Of a quiet city

Of a friendly new dog

Of a boyfriend jacket

On a cool summer evening

Of being driven

Of my own room

Of learning

Of touch

Of being vulnerable

While others are vulnerable too

Of Zazen

Of ritual

Of old buildings

Of schedule

Of fresh vegetables

And eating them on schedule

Of being given work

Of completing work

Of a community

With similar intentions

Of early mornings before sunrise

Of hot coffee

Of silence

Of naps

Of hot showers (still)

Of an early bedtime

And exhaustion bringing sleep

Of rosehip tea

Of fresh bread

Of homemade jam

Of being “disonnected”

Of making new connections

And feeling it when saying goodbye

Of good wine

Of traveling home

Of a good book

Of familiar music

Of stories about shared humanity

Of landing safely

And not being afraid

Of taking a break

Of the break being over

Of home

Of husband

And “I missed you” sex

Of daughter

Of giggling

Of my own bed

Of sleeping in

Of hugging my big pup

While he wags his tail

Of routine

Of gratitude

Of patience

Of my own meditation practice

And newly realized confidence.

~ by April on July 31, 2012.

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