Past Due

I am stuck

Have been calling it writer’s block

Incorrectly ignoring it

Like that stack of mail

Tilting precariously in the corner

It can certainly bankrupt me if left glued shut

Mundane molehill

Blocking the accomplishing of anything else

How many times have I started towards it

Picked it up and imagined tearing in

Then walked away

For fear of the price to be paid

So there it teeters

Gathering weight and momentum

As each day I add another layer of avoidance

Ignorance is not bliss

It holds havoc and wrecks my worth

Fuck the paper cuts and final payments!


Your thoughtful addition in permanent marker cannot disguise the forgetting in the first instance…not then, not now.

It was not romantic or charming or silly to be reminded of our place…not then, not now.

~ by April on August 19, 2012.

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