A Child’s Meditations

Poem #1

As I Sit

in this

Quit rooM

Whith My

hed in the

Air I Jist Sit

Sit Sit

as I FOCiS

ON this


–written by Leia Resnick

–transcribed by me as written


As I run

in My

BraN I WoNdR

iF My

BraN WoNd

ever Stop to

taKe a Breth

it Shud.

–written by Leia Resnick

–transcribed by me as written

These poems were written by my daughter yesterday while sitting and waiting for me at my school.  She was in a quiet conference room by herself “coloring” and she brought these into me while I was meeting with my instructor.  She gave me permission to post them on her behalf.  She asked that I make it clear that these were two separate poems, and that they were about meditation.


~ by April on September 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “A Child’s Meditations”

  1. I can hear her brain working!!! They are her!!

  2. oh, these are beautiful – their form, the words, the spelling, Leia’s KNOWING what they are about, Leia’s possession of them, that she did them at a school waiting for MUM to finish class, that she gave them to you; it was SO REFRESHING to read these

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