Life In Memoriam

I let him in,
Only because she came along.
I allow him as close to me as I can bear, a corner stare,
Knowing he brings a chilly obligation if I would truly have her heat.

He doesn’t dance, he waits,
As if there is time to afford me this.
She entices me to join her while I am still able,
To allow my rhythm to mingle with her heady hazy spin.

He will have his way with me one day,
There is no stopping his slow, steady approach.
But she keeps me moving about this room feigning immortality,
As if his ghastly grasp does not already hover over my left shoulder.

I had to let him in,
So at the end,
I can say,
I let her have her way.

~ by April on October 2, 2012.

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