The book in my hands

Slowly vanishing

Spring Sunset

Sometimes my extremities feel like they are vanishing
Have vanished
It’s never slowly, but in so fast a moment
That I didn’t even notice they were lopped off

The thing that occupied my extremities
A book, a steering wheel
Left to fend for themselves
Until I grow new appendages out of the nubs and continue as normal

You might think it would be painful
To lose and regrow limbs
But there are no ghostly pains or stings of exposed and writhing tissue
The numb gives way to tingling, then sensation, then experience

The book requires slight pressure to keep its cover splayed
It is new and has not been read enough to be passive
The steering wheel cool and smooth and also resists just a bit
My limbs have returned

The sunset makes reading and driving more difficult


~ by April on December 28, 2012.

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