And I Drove By

An open book

Cover awkwardly folded under

Pages turned by the breeze

And speed limit

Waving wildly from the center

Yellow line

Like an infant’s arms

Flailing for a mother’s affection

To spite my instinct

I pass you by

And feel less human

For not responding


~ by April on January 20, 2013.

7 Responses to “And I Drove By”

  1. To spite my instinct
    I pass you by
    And feel less human
    For not responding

    Ah, captured well

  2. I really felt that way. I can’t get the image of that book out of my head, and still wonder if I should have stopped to pick it up. I can’t evade the curiosity I have about what kind of book it was. Glad you are reading.

    • In future you must always pick it up. Life is not a rehearsal. We have but one brief moment on this stage. Smiles.
      I am glad you are writing.

      • Who knows what ripples come from the choices we make. I think perhaps there is a great deal to learn in the driving by as well. If I had stopped and the book had been a disappointment…no longing or curiosity would have been aroused and no poem might have been written. We can never know. To stop or not to stop…that is the question. 😉

  3. I know that feeling. It’s a terrible form of regret for not doing something that, in hindsight, you know are baffled about. It’s something YOU would of course do–yet you didn’t. For me, the only solution is to resolve to respond next time (and there’s always a next time).

    • Except that I am resolved that I am human. And humans drive by when they should stop, and stop when they should keep on driving. I am actually happy for the experience of wondering, curiosity, and longing…the “what if.” Perhaps that is more valuable than what I would have found if I had stopped. No regret, just experience and creation of emotion, and the motion of creativity. If it helped me feel deeply one way or the other, then I call it a success.

      On second thought, perhaps there is regret…but I am in fact okay with the regret. It can be a creative force, and life affirming at that.

      Thanks for reading and commenting…it is much appreciated.

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