Sensitive to the Whole

I am reconnected to my bodyraining-diego-fernandez
In a way I must have been
When I was seven

Before eight years old
Hands turned cold
And I became frozen

Backed in a corner
Of myself
For survival

One by one pulled out
The cords that connected
Neurons to nerves

But now the stillness
The waiting and watching
The safety of silence

Has allowed a re-wiring
A warm humming of the living
That carries me out of that corner

~ by April on January 30, 2013.

12 Responses to “Sensitive to the Whole”

  1. Great piece, April. And the image captures it perfectly. I wonder if you’ve thought of sharing this poem with a victims-of-sexual-abuse site?

    • Thanks so much. It was based, obviously, on our meditation last night…and the felt sense I had on that edge. :-). As for publishing on a sexual abuse site, i would love to but i have to admit that I am not quite sure how, or even the best one to post to. In spite of all my posting…I am not that savvy about the rest of blogging. :-/.

    • Perhaps send me an email with some simple instructions about how to do that. I am afraid I need a bit of hand holding to take that next step.

  2. I have no words. I am sorry.

    • No words necessary. I appreciate your compassion. But, we all have our suffering…this just happens to be mine. I have made some peace with it. Even when I am struggling, I end up learning a lot about myself, about others, and about humanity itself. I think the best we can do is speak up in whatever form that takes. This is my form. Thanks for reading, and for being moved.

  3. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Hey I am nominating you for the Versatile blogger award. Congratulations. I’m currently making my new post about it. and you’re one out of fifteen bloggers that I nominated. Check it out or go to

  5. […] Here is a link to the original poem, the form is a little different: […]

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