On a Lighter Note…

Parents in the parking lot
Eating our snacks
Gotta try to be here early
Or we’ll get stuck in the back

Of the line having to keep our
Foot pressure on the brakes
But I planned and got a parking spot
So I can zone out and escape

Into NPR or music
Or the book that I brought
Text a friend to say, “I miss you.”
Or the hubs to say, “What’s up?”

So I haven’t had a shower yet
Or a real meal in a week
But I got a piece of asphalt heaven
And won’t have to watch and creep

Ten more minutes till the bell
Seems like a lifetime of a break
Oh shit! I parked all crooked
Back it up and make it straight

Then I eat my Special K chips
Got some crumbs in my lap
But at least my sugar’s spiking
So I’m pretty sure that I won’t snap

Finally the bell rings
Ants running from their hill
Where’s mine? Oh right…blue jacket!
Parking mirage to Mommy-ville



~ by April on January 31, 2013.

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