Close to the Bone

Not an itch,

but nerve endings firing.

Not anxiety,

but gnawing in my stomach.

Not love,

but pulling towards another.

Not pain,

but muscle and bone reacting.

Not excitement,

but fluttering in my chest.

Not anger,

but heat that travels from ears to face.

Not joy,

but warm vibration in my middle.

Not worry,

but tightening from temples to forehead.

Not a sneeze,

but triggered nose hairs.

Not sadness,

but heaviness around my heart.

Not boredom,

but restlessness of mind and body.

Not gratitude,

but tears in the corners of my eyes.

Not emotions

but biology, hormones, sensation, reaction.

Not stories

but being alive.


~ by April on February 7, 2013.

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