My life on a napkin
A map of neighboring states
Remains two-dimensional
And paper-thin
Easily inked on
With misshapen letters
Folded around stale flavorless gum
Crumpled and discarded
Or shoved in a pocket

My life in a bed sheet
At first crisp
Clean and tucked
Cocooned at noon
Then tossed at 3 am
Undone around the edges
Feeling more like love
With each wearing in

My life in a glass
Full of color and flavor
Savor each sip and gulp
Playful haze of days
As the vessel is left
Clearly seen through
Waiting to be filled again
Placed with the other dirties
Or shattered by a careless elbow

I need another
I want to crawl into another
I’ll take another

To soak up
To swathe
To suffuse


“Mountain Ecstasy” by Maxfield Parrish

~ by April on February 27, 2013.

5 Responses to “Vacation”

  1. Another person? Another glass of wine? Another vacation? I like this first-reading ambiguity.

  2. I admire your writing

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