A decision we made,

Bundle up and let’s brave,

The ice planet of Hoth.


Snow crystals kissing our face,

Tongues out checking the taste,

Slight hint of mint muddled water.


We left our hearts and our names,

And some footprints of games,

In the soft crunchy slosh.


Not a cold hurried fate,

But a walking playdate,

Between mother and daughter.


— April Resnick


Hand Painted Sketchbook by Carla Francesca Castagno

~ by April on March 8, 2013.

7 Responses to “Adventure”

  1. Because I forgot my camera…

  2. My reaction on coming to the end: ohhhh, that’s sweet (that’s supposed to be an extended “oh”). I look back with pure happiness on the times when I did that with my daughters. It’s such a cliche but terribly true: the grow up so fast. Maybe I’ll get a dog.

    • After our walk to school, I actually went out and played with our dog in the backyard too. See, I can write nice things, when they feel authentic and not manufactured. 😉

    • This was one of those “diary entries,” a moment I want to remember. I enjoy this so much more than picture taking or writing in a journal anyway.

  3. gorgeous

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