Observing Phenomena

Violent streaks of slanted snowfall changing direction,

Delicate swirl and drift defying gravity,

Towards me lightly tapping fingertips attempting to gain entry,

Hard and horizontal mimicking its less frozen cousin.


Inhalation followed by tingling in my extremities,

Forced warm air wraps itself around my ankles,

Swelling in my chest and a welling of tears,

Eyes dried and blurred by the bright and the heat.


A slab of snow slowly sliding down a car door,

Detaching from its packed and planted origins,

Finally free and snaking its way to the ground,

Stopped mid-descent by a protruding door handle.


My insides tremble and attempt to propel me,

Out of my sitting to capture the moment,

Back to my breath, and the window, and the snow,

It will come, it can wait, just stay still, let it go.


~ by April on March 8, 2013.

4 Responses to “Observing Phenomena”

  1. I love your stuff

    • That’s a great compliment. Thank you so much. Mostly I write for myself and because it feels like so much a part of me, to that end I often wonder if it is of any use to anyone else. Your compliments encourage me that what I write is not just “mediocre crap,” which in my darker moments I truly think. Either way, I guess I would still write. That was a long round about way of sending a big thank you!

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