Outside Chance

I find myself choosing
Between a tough fight
And a soft relinquishing

I have no fear of sweat and blood
Especially my own
I have blinked away salt and sting before
Tasted that sanguine tincture on my tongue
Just as I have gritted and grinned
Guffawed even at the shattering
Of my own sanity
While I shook it off
And got to the business
Of setting it back into place
With a quick jerk and a wince

Harder still is stepping back
And letting that fist fly just beyond me
Leaving only a slight breeze
Which carries with it a faint scent of sweat
And deflated fury
To keep my swollen gaze downward
And let myself listen…

To shocked silence
A moment of pure possibility
While we wait
To see what I will choose next

Tonight I find myself

–by me

Boxing2Boxing-2 by Kalel Koven

~ by April on March 10, 2013.

7 Responses to “Outside Chance”

  1. Kicks ass!

  2. Never easy. Yet it is that first blow that is the hardest to land. Enjoyed

  3. I’m curious……………..

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