My Daughter’s Heart

Muscle cells electrified
Beating together
8 weeks televised
Grey fuzzy image
I see to my right
I fall in love with her then
Watching a little heart try

Muscle and nerves growing
Changing rhythm, too fast
Passing out in my arms
6 years flashing past

Her first episode faded
Normal day to day
Terror abated
Until today, nearly 8
Color drained
Scared cries of pain
I am reminded again

That first instant of love
That first moment of terror
Never knowing the outcome
A shared burden we bear

I will weep tonight
For love of this life

— April Resnick


(For friends and family: a scary day but she is feeling better and we are doing fine.)

~ by April on March 14, 2013.

6 Responses to “My Daughter’s Heart”

  1. Powerful and beautiful

  2. Hugs for you and your daughter.

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