Potential Energy

Some days are just the time
For busy work and waiting
No great organized design
But being bored and meditating

— by me

20130328-135845.jpgFrozen Time by Qiang-Huang

~ by April on March 28, 2013.

5 Responses to “Potential Energy”

  1. I had one of those today

    • I saw that and almost commented the same…but held back, as in accordance with my pensive mood. Must be the stalled spring. Did the tea help? Coffee did not assist me, so I just tried to let myself be bored. Feeling unproductive is a struggle for me…but a computer crash helped seal the deal.

      • I often feel unproductive. Far too many days just being – which is against all my principles and beliefs. My only guilt is wasting time.

        • Ironically, for me meditation has helped me live more engaged (embodied) with my life, less wasted time. Which is why days like this are difficult, the contrast becomes so striking. But I am sure they too have something to show me. Perhaps a saving up of energy for something. That would be nice. or perhaps days like this just are. Thanks for reading and discussing btw.

        • Always a pleasure

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