Unholy Trinity (Cleaver of Craft)

I sat with shame for a while

From the looking-glass she stared back

Odd that I could not see her breath

When so clearly I felt mine


I sat with anxiety for a while

It mounted as we met

Gnawing for the hours we both spent

Kneeling to standards like a shrine


I sat with tension for a while

Muscles gnarled from lack of care

Unbinding them with plain attention

Those tightly wound unruly vines


There was a glint in her left eye

That carried no tension, anxiety, shame

I traveled there and found some freedom

My craft in a small speck of light

 –by Me


Girl with The Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer

Inspired by The Craftsman by Richard Sennet

~ by April on April 3, 2013.

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