I stopped for the death of a small thing
Alerted by animal screams
Yes, baby rabbits scream
When bleeding and shivering at canine feet

I scoop up little kit for warmth
Away from the jaws
Determined to cradle as solemn sleep falls
Swaddle in my daughter’s baby burp cloth

I will stay, my hand on its matted fur
I will witness this brief existence on earth
I will do what I can to soothe the struggle
The inevitable result of birth

I weep and hope it ends quickly
Breathing turns to gasps, seizing
Suffering together, I take over its heaving
Shaking and grieving

And then life has passed
An exhale of a moment almost missed
Gaze once with mine, eyes now cloud and fix

I feel the warmth dissipate
Anima escaped
I can see why some believe there is a soul to take
It is done and we are both visibly changed
In those early morning moments
Grateful it is finished before my own little one wakes

–by me


~ by April on April 10, 2013.

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