Roots of Change

Something about me has changed,

I only noticed when I went away.

Things no longer neatly in their place,

It seems the mess and mud are quite okay.


Harder though to say goodbye,

Craving familial affection I once denied.

Wanting to pull them close awhile,

My view has changed to spite the miles.


Is it all the sitting or is it my age,

Or is it my writing on this page?

All, or none, no way to gauge,

Perhaps my own life now engaged.

–by Me


Cyprus Tree Reflection by Ciocan Tudor-cosmin

~ by April on April 18, 2013.

5 Responses to “Roots of Change”

  1. i like the delicate shifts in tone in your poem and your clear, intimate expression. thank you for sharing it with me. tony

  2. We change and yet we remain the same. Lovely poem

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