Premeditation (Solitude)

“In my solitude I’ve seen very clearly things that aren’t so.” — Antonio Machado

I’ve noticed
My daughter’s nighttime wrestle
With solitude
Mirrors my own.
Alone in the dark, in bed
That is when terror arises
Not about monsters in closets
Or demons or ghosts
But more the monsters in our head.
The things left undone
Unprocessed, unsaid
Perhaps our tears not fully shed.
Chores to do
Decision to be made
In solitude our self-doubt invades.
I tell her it will look better in the light
To let these things go just for tonight.
But find myself unable to do the same
Until I remember my own advice
Find my breath and let myself
Sleep and wake again.

–by Me

Stay In Bed All Night, All Day by Emily Tebbetts

~ by April on April 23, 2013.

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