Gray Day


But rain dripping deep and hollow

On the roof a heartbeat

Irregularly echoing



But cold coffee in my mug

Reheated and forgotten and reheated

And forgotten



But growling in my stomach

Yelling at me to be filled

Hotly knotted



But the smallest of blood flow reaching my toes

Unnoticed at first with standing

Moments later, near collapse



Published, but drafts of poems

Edited and waiting

Me delaying



To do today but file away

The moments as they dribble past

Gray and drab

 — by Me

GrayDay Trees, Clouds, Gray Day by Tom Brown

~ by April on April 29, 2013.

3 Responses to “Gray Day”

  1. Captured the ennui, the greyness, the mournful state, perfectly

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