Time In The City

Early or Mid century ice house
Behemoth made of steel and shelving
Painted white to reflect the sun
Hollowed out to freeze and hold
Blocks or cubes,  2.50 or 1.50
Chipped black script still exclaims
Weeds and rust now attempt to give it away
Slow growth creeping across yellowed enamel
Reaching into once airtight seams
Overhanging branches retreat in reverse
Rotted wooden fence rebuilds itself
In sepia tones
I can see a line of memories waiting
Melting in the Philadelphia summer
Chatting and dripping
Swatting at bugs, wiping sweat, and shifting weight
While wives and children cook at home
Watching the heat rise, the milk spoil,
And dust swirl too little
On the occasional breeze
Waiting for ice blocks chiseled, picked, and hauled
To make their way on tired shoulders
Color returns at once with a blink
Pink cherry blossoms stretch, shrug, and fall
Primary rainbow tulips yawn toward the sinking sun
My favorite flowers treasured
Because they are here and gone so soon, rarity
A blood orange harvest moon in spring
Lumbering over the horizon grinning

— by Me


harvest moon and ben franklin bridge philadelphia, taken by Paul J Everett

~ by April on May 2, 2013.

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  1. This is very lovely

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