My Promise (repost for Mother’s Day)

I cannot give you normal,

Sweet girl,

It is not written in our DNA.


I cannot give you perfection,


It does not exist.


I cannot give you siblings,

One and only,

I am aware of my own resources.


I cannot give you God,

“My little witch,”

When I cannot find him myself.


I cannot give you ALL of me,

Dear daughter,

Without compromising us.


I cannot give you forever,


We must learn to value now.


But I can give you my presence,

Baby girl,

I am here.


While I can will it,


I will show up for you.

–by Me (April Resnick)


~ by April on May 12, 2013.

6 Responses to “My Promise (repost for Mother’s Day)”

  1. I like it very much – for one thing because it has a very powerful rhythm.

    • Thank you so much Matthias. I am so glad that you are reading. This one was indeed powerful for me to write. A love letter to my daughter, based in reality, not based in platitudes or fairy tales.

  2. well said……mom

    • Thanks mom. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you. I am thrilled that you are still reading. It will be one year of blogging tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Lovely

  4. Very nice poem, poignant…for your daughter, a priceless gift. Thank you.

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