One Year

Or one day,
How much can change?

It seems to me not only change,
But more myself these days.

Coming back to who I was,
When I once believed I could be great.

In my skin and my own space,
Even truly in my own mistakes.

I love this life, its beautiful pain,
Discovering it all again and again.

When this is gone I hope they say,
I wallowed and reveled in it all the way.

One year, or one day,
So much can change.

— by Me (April Resnick)


Dance of Passion, by Michelle Wiarda

Thank you to everyone who has been reading since the beginning, one year ago, and thank you to everyone who has joined me along the way.  This has been a wonderful year of publicly writing and documenting and sharing my experiences.  This little experiment of mine has been a fruitful one and I hope it continues.  Much love to you all, April Resnick.

Here is a link to that very first poem one year ago today:

~ by April on May 13, 2013.

One Response to “One Year”

  1. Well done on year of excellent writing

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