Tune Into Nothing

“Like a note of music, you are about to become nothing,” Robert Bly

I am on the precipice of being played,
Pulled taut, prepared.
All of the making and manufacturing,
Has formed me precisely for this moment.
I am willing to be pulled from my rest,
Into that violent version of me.
With nothing then to do but resonate,
And fade away.


The music I make has changed,
With sitting still and age.
Sharp to flat,
Each tune that’s past,
Nothing now, but on the page.

— April Resnick


flirting With A Violin by Anna Razumovskaya

This poetry was written during my meditation & expression group.  Thank you for the sitting and dialogue.  I always come away from the group inspired.

~ by April on June 17, 2013.

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  1. Sad

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