What Rosy Spectacle Is This?

I bleed
Pain is not a problem
Anger is not an enemy
Reality is not negativity
Truth is not pessimism
Human is not shameful
Nor is any of it permanent
I will not deny life’s contractions
Or don again those amniotic lenses
Which serve only now to cloud this growing life
Both the hoped for and the grieved
I choose to see clearly
Speak its name when it arrives
And then live the life I birth
And hold the whole of it
Before it leaves
I choose the autobiography of me
Over the fiction of expectation
Life bleeds

— by me, April Resnick


Through Rose Colored Glasses by Will Crane

~ by April on June 28, 2013.

4 Responses to “What Rosy Spectacle Is This?”

  1. Wonderful

  2. what an excellent haemorrhage from life while still living

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