The Art of Intimacy, A Sutta

Wherever you might find yourself

Stop, be quiet and still, grow roots of attention

Not about you or around you, but in you and through you

There too you will find your breathing


Take to heart the long and the short of it

For it will surely come and go, your life in this motion

Use this moment to inhabit your skin, do not abandon it

There too you will find your body, living


Investigate the traces of your own thriving

Prickling and softening, life as it moves you

Feel your desires warm, bubbling, hotly compelling, then cooling

There too you will find your self, reacting


Listen as your mind speaks to you

Be thankful you have this chance to notice the nuance

Stay with it, watch it work, learn your machinations

There too you will find freedom with your thinking


Watch, if you will, the waxing and waning

See the creation and disintegration of each minute

Be a witness to what has passed within and without you

There too you will find intimacy with being

— by April Resnick


Figure Sitting on Boat In Desert, by Euan MacLeod

This poem was inspired by my understanding of, and practice with, the Anapanasati Sutta.

~ by April on July 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Art of Intimacy, A Sutta”

  1. fibrous -‘grow roots of attention’ – breathing, lovely

    • Thanks again for reading and commenting. It is nice to know that perhaps sometimes what I write comes across as it was intended. Much appreciation to you.

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