Two Souls Sat Before Me

Two souls sat before me
One pointed straight and one askew
Well-worn but still some cushion there
Both carried stains and patches new

Then I heard a ticking o’er my head
Not quite above, but to my left
I could not help but feel it rush
A certain sense death

How could I choose but only one
With tolling of the ending bell
Parting is all we know of heaven
And all we need of Hell

— April Resnick

Shoes Van Gogh










A Pair of Shoes by Vincent van Gogh



This poem is based on Honkadori, a style of 12th century Japanese poetry.  It is a practice of including lines (or images) from a classic poem into a new poem, so that the new poem carries with it the same feeling tone of the classic poem.

My poem was inspired by an Emily Dickinson poem, “My life closed twice before my eyes.”

~ by April on July 19, 2013.

4 Responses to “Two Souls Sat Before Me”

  1. your clean lines and controlled cadences, combined with a flair for the succinct visual image, make every line of this poem a joy to read. lovely. tony

  2. This felt wonderfull to read, you tamed the words and the imagery perfectly and I was swooped away by the ending.

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