Meditation: An Act of Intimacy

I am stripped bare, exposed

No option left to me but stillness

There is nothing else I can do

But sit, vulnerable, waiting

Watching the space just around me

For any faint flickering of life

Listening for movement

Of air or body

Or air traveling through body

Searching for some small notice

That change is coming

This is it

This is all there is

This moment of intimate me

A voice whispers in my ear

Sudden tension as I prepare for onslaught

My life slams itself  into me

A violent act of becoming one

Vibrating with sensation

This body and this life

Something bloody but breathing

Is made

I am born

— April Resnick

birth of self spring Cyn McCurry

Birth of Self by Cyn McCurry

~ by April on July 23, 2013.

4 Responses to “Meditation: An Act of Intimacy”

  1. I am with you Carl up in Rockland;
    I am with you April on the cushion

  2. April, beautiful… I’m looking for tĥe poem you mentioned in relation to Becketts Endgame on SNB-‘up against a wall’..can you point me ?

  3. Thank you. Here is a link:

  4. Patrick, If you have trouble with the above link, let me know and I can get it to you another way.

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