Shame & Hesitation

Grey shame
A steel structure
Built one bolt at a time
Each rivet, molded metal piece
Made to bear the entire weight
Of me
I want to be closer to the ground
Rusting out and crumbling
Takes too long

I hesitate

Perhaps it is better
To cut myself down the middle
Peel myself off
Even as I wobble in the wind
Walking away
Looking back
There are still dripping bits of me
Left hanging on that steel skeleton
I leave them and let them be
They will dry in time
And I will learn to scaffold myself
With my own dying bone,
And muscle shuffling
I am prepared to stop
And sit when needed

— April Resnick




That Bloody Building, taken by Ethan (giantkiller8) from flickr

~ by April on July 29, 2013.

One Response to “Shame & Hesitation”

  1. Very vivid and powerful imagery. Great poem.

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