This week has played with me
So I decided to play back
I ripped the curtain open
Not content with just a crack

Magic mumbling in the air
Grouchy grumbling from beyond
I could not handle hints of rain
At least not for very long

Drapery drowning at my feet
Shards of window shattered wide
I stepped into the world’s downpour
No drop of will to stay inside

I looked up and let it pelt me
Saturate my dusty clothes
Another animal inside a storm
I became wild and one of those

Let’s run and hunt, forage and fuck
To spite the cracking of the sky
Just another evolution
Shedding “should be” skin am I

— April Resnick

painting on canvas by Antony Micallef

Becoming Animal by Antony Micallef

~ by April on August 1, 2013.

One Response to “Evolution”

  1. excellent – here in the UK I have managed to be where the downpours aren’t and am feeling un-whole

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