Last Laugh

Will I have a hangnail when I die
All swollen, painful, pink
Or perhaps an eyelash in my eye
These are the things on which I think

With those final bits of breath I take
Great void of blackness, on the brink
Will my pointer finger pulse with ache
Will I have one last scratchy blink

Back pain, splinter, paper cut
Clogged nose, or tears, from sour stink
Toothache, leg cramp, sudden hiccups
That final itch just out of reach

Nothing ever goes the way
I plan, precisely nice and neat
So why should my days gracefully fade
Without a last sardonic nod and wink

— April Resnick


Photograph by

~ by April on August 1, 2013.

4 Responses to “Last Laugh”

  1. ha, you’ve stolen your own thunder

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