Something is happening
Is it the same old something
That delivers us daily from
One moment to the next
Except that we never notice
Too afraid to see the ever-changing
Slow drift of our own continent

Or is this a new movement of earth
Far beyond tectonic shifting
Plates and poles reversing
Proper axis denied
A pressure wave portending
Change causing near vomit
Ears to ring, life to spin conversely

Am I safe, sound
Or will the solid ground
Undulate beneath my feet
Wild walls creaking pictures falling
Wine glasses clinking and singing out
Their cracking into each other
Nothing left unshaken

Or is this boredom, mediocrity
Having its wily way with me

–April Resnick


Broken, by Anne Diggory

~ by April on August 13, 2013.

2 Responses to “Quake”

  1. … last lines: cracked me up

  2. Thanks. They made me laugh too…at myself. 🙂

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